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T.S RALEIGH – JARROW (UNIT 197) SCC – Win the SIXTH Indefatigable Trophy.


T.S RALEIGH – JARROW (UNIT 197) SEA CADET CORPS – Win the SIXTH Indefatigable Trophy.

Indefatigable Old Boys, were invited to attend the following event and ceremony on ‘Friday 20th July 2012’ at 19:00hrs.

It gives us the greatest pleasure to congratulate T.S Raleigh, on being awarded the Indefatigable Cup. The Unit made sustained progress throughout last year, with an effective training programme and the taking part of District and Area events. This has required huge effort and commitment and they thoroughly deserve the award.

Jarrow Sea Cadet unit was awarded a Burgee by Cpt Mark Windsor RN (SCC Captain), at a special presentation ceremony at the unit premises in Jarrow. The Burgee is the highest award that can be awarded to a Sea Cadet Corps Unit in recognition of the hard work of the Volunteers, Cadets and UMC. Lt Cdr (SCC) A Simpson RNR also attended the evening, where S/Lt (SCC) Tracy Peel RNR accepted the Burgee on behalf of the unit. Jarrow Sea Cadet unit was founded in 1942 and has been part of the Jarrow community ever since. The unit has helped many young people develop and grow through training and opportunities.

Jarrow Sea Cadets was presented with the Indefatigable Cup by Brigadier Bill O’Leary (IOBA Chairman).  The Brigadier, joined by many Parents, Supporters and local Dignitaries, praised the unit for the incredible hard work that had been put in by Cadets, Staff and UMC to save the unit from closure in 2011, and swell cadet numbers to the current levels.

The magnificent trophy was present to the unit Commanding Officer S/Lt (SCC) Tracy Peel RNR, which was supported by a cheque, that will help fund further training for the Cadets. S/Lt (SCC) Peel RNR said how proud the unit was to be receiving this award, which identifies Jarrow unit as the most improved unit in the whole of the UK.

The trophy, once the ‘Merseyside Navy League – Swimming Gala Trophy’, is so valuable it has to remain at the SCC HQ other than for the presentation, the winning unit  receives a Glass Shield to keep. The Cadets performed a short play on the evening showing the gathered audience where the Indefatigable history came from and how it still has a relationship to what the Sea Cadets do today.’

An ‘Parents’ observation:Dear Sir, we would like to thank you very much, for a superb evening on Friday at TS Raleigh, Jarrow sea cadets. Our daughter, Junior Cadet Kate Hockings, was amazed at how the evening went. Afterwards she told us that she was ‘blown away’ by the way yourself, and other VIP’s interacted with the cadets and their families. She is the Cadet who nervously gave a speech, she had wrote herself, during the ceremony! She has since been very proudly showing off her photos, and telling all her friends and family all about her evening! and the wonderful people she was lucky enough to have met.

Thank you so very much for making the evening so memorable, we are so proud of Kate, and proud that she has chosen to belong to such a fabulous group of people at TS Raleigh. It was lovely to meet you, thank you for choosing Jarrow, and coming along to present the stunning trophy.”

An ‘IOBA’ observation:I’m sure some people can’t understand why I become so emotional over the Sea Cadet award, but experiences such as this really bring it home how much good the IOBA is doing in this particular arena, a massive Well Done to all those who went along from the OBA.” Tom Keyes: IOBA Treasurer.

Six ‘Indefatigable Old Boys’  attended the award night;

John Aspinall.59/60

Daryl Wilkes.83/85

Brigadier WJ O’Leary TD ADC. (IOBA Chairman).74/76

Tony Eastham. (IOBA Newsletter Editor).75/76

Steve Humphries. (Secretary & Archives).75/76

It was clear that the whole Unit of ‘TS Raleigh’: Cadets, Staff, Committee and Parents are ‘all’ very proud of what they have achieved, let alone their dedication to the Sea Cadet Corps. Everyone found the whole evening very uplifting, a credit to ‘Sub Lieutenant (SCC) Tracy Peel and her team’. It’s an understatement how Units such as TS Raleigh are recognised by SCC HQ, representing the true values of the Sea Cadet Corps, and local community.

By Steve Humphries 75/76.
Indefatigable Old Boys Association: Secretary & Archives. (c) IOBA


TS Sikh Presentation

Some photos from the recent presentation of the Indefatigable Cup to TS Sikh SCC. All photos courtesy of George Tolly of TS Sikh SCC.

THE country’s second oldest sea cadet corp has won a cup for being the most improved unit.

Beckenham and Dulwich Unit – TS Sikh SCC – was awarded the Indefatigable Cup for 2010 because it was judged to have made sustained progress throughout the year.

Indefatigable School Old Boys Association chairman Colonel Bill O’Leary presented the cup to the unit at its headquarters in Kent House Road, Beckenham.

He then took it back again because the trophy, once the Merseyside Navy League – Swimming Gala Trophy, is so valuable it has to remain at the old Indefatigable School (JSMTC) other than for the presentation.

The winning unit, whose history goes back to 1913, will now receive a shield to keep.

(Story taken from: News Shopper)

Beckenham & Dulwich Sea Cadets win the FIFTH Indefatigable trophy

Indefatigable Old Boys, are invited to attend the following event and ceremony on; Tuesday 22th March 2011 (Parade Day/Time: 1915 – 2130).

It gives us the greatest pleasure to congratulate T.S Sikh (Beckenham and Dulwich Unit), on being awarded the Indefatigable Cup for 2010.

This is the fifth time that the Cup has been awarded to the Sea Cadet Corps, to the Sea Cadet Unit that has improved the most during the year (being for 2010).

The Unit made sustained progress throughout last year, with an effective training programme and the taking part of District and Area events.  This has required huge effort and commitment and they thoroughly deserve the award.

Colonel Bill O’Leary 74/76 (IOBA Chairman) will be travelling to the ‘Beckenham and Dulwich Unit’ to make this very special presentation to the Commanding Officer of T.S. Sikh, along with a monetary cheque in person on behalf of the IOBA, on Tuesday 22nd March 2011 (19:15 to 21:30).

The trophy, once the ‘Merseyside Navy League – Swimming Gala Trophy’, is so valuable it has to remain at the old Indefatigable School (JSMTC) other than for the presentation, the winning unit will receive a shield to keep.

Local dignitaries will be also invited, (VIP’s / Members of the Royal Naval Association / The Royal British Legion).

See you there

One of the oldest Units in the Country

This unit is supposedly the second oldest unit in the country with a history that is documented to back to at least 1913 or thereabouts. HMS London was a famous ship within the Royal Navy with a history that includes the Yange Tze incident of 1949 in which she attempted to rescue three navy vessels (HMS Amethyst, HMS Consort and HMS Black Swan). She took heavy damage during the incident. The last HMS London was a Type 22 Frigate (F95) that was sold to Romania in 2002.

The unit has been merged several times with other units. It is believed that Dulwich is actually Dulwich, Crystal Palace and Lambeth Sea Cadets (but that is a bit of a long name!)

Officer in Command: Sub Lieutenant (SCC) George TOLLEY RNR
Commanding Officer T.S Sikh (Beckenham and Dulwich Unit)

(Unit no:8778 3398. Mobile No:07930 110702)

Travel directions;

290 Kent House Road

Local Train Station Kent House or Clock House
Walking: 10 minute short walk from Penge High Street.
Walking: 15 minute walk from Beckenham High Street.

Driving Directions from Penge High Street, walk pass Sainburys supermarket and walk up to the next set of Traffic lights and turn left, this will take you into Kent House Road.
Walk under the railway bridge and here you will find the entrance to Beckenham and Dulwich Sea Cadets

Walking or Driving from Beckenham High Street.
At the memorial roundabout take Turning towards Penge High Street follow passed clock house train station and you will come to a Tesco local at those traffic lights turn right and you will be in Kent House Road, the Sea Cadet unit will be on the left hand side just under the railway bridge

Best regards to all,


Steve Humphries 75/76

Indefatigable Old Boys Association: Secretary & Indefatigable Archives.


Airdrie & Coatbridge Sea Cadets Win The THIRD Indefatigable Trophy

Steve Humphries Presentation Speech:

“Lord Lieutenant, distinguished guests, ladies, gentlemen and young cadets.

Before we move onto the most important part of the evening, the actual presentation, I would like to take a few minutes to outline to you the history of the Indefatigable, affectionately known by its members as the ‘Inde’, and the Indefatigable Old Boys Association.

There was a time, not too long ago, when the British merchant fleet was larger than the rest of the world’s merchant navies combined. This was perhaps the pinnacle of hundreds of years of British maritime tradition, when Britain really did ‘Rule the Waves’. This created a huge and constant need for young men, trained for the challenge of a rigorous life at sea. A life that was hard and required the highest standards of training, performance, leadership and personal example. This demand accelerated during the two World Wars, and the Inde like many other Training Ships existed to answer this demand, and was something special in Britain’s maritime tradition.

The Founding Fathers of the Inde were the Bibby family, owners of the Merchant Shipping Company Bibby Line. They asked the question “What is to be done about the many orphans whose only crime was that they were sons of seamen?” So in 1864 the Indefatigable was set up for “the training of orphans and boys in poor circumstances”. With much change from ship to shore, the School continued until 1995 with its self-appointed task of ‘turning boys into men’.

Founded in 1864 HMS Indefatigable was fitted out by the Bibby family. In 1914 she was replaced by HMS Phaeton, which became the second Indefatigable. She was moored close to HMS Conway off Rock Ferry Pier on the River Mersey.

The end for the ships came in 1941 when due to war time bombing, both the ‘Conway’ and the ‘Indefatigable’ were ordered to evacuate. The ship itself was renamed Carrick II and moved to here in Glasgow. The Inde boys were moved away from the Mersey and to a shore based accommodation in Plas Menai below the Britannia Bridge on the Menai Straits, Anglesey. She survived in this building, the former Marquis of Anglesey’s stately home, until 1995 when financial pressures forced her closure.

The word Indefatigable, meaning ‘never tiring’, ‘unremitting’, ‘that which cannot be wearied’, sums up very strongly the ‘Indefatigable’ efforts of our committee and membership, some that are here this evening. Currently the Old Boys membership stands at around 300, and is growing daily.

The Indefatigable Old Boys Association was founded in 1983 and we have just had our 26th AGM & Reunion on Saturday June 6th. It should be noted, that the MD of the Bibby Line Group – Sir Michael Bibby Bt, is indeed our President of the Association.

It was at a previous reunion, that our Chairman Colonel Bill O’Leary, put a proposal to the assembled members. Because of his position in the Territorial Army, he was very aware that the Sea Cadet Corps did not receive the same financial support from the Ministry of Defence that the Army and Air Force Cadets received. This of course, was due to the decision by the Navy, to allow the Sea Cadet Corps to become a registered charity some years back. Colonel Bill felt very strongly that the Cadets of the Sea Cadet Corps were in need of some financial support, and that it was incumbent upon us in the Association to give back something to the youth of today. Now, I won’t bore you with all the finer details, but suffice to say that a proposal was passed with a 100% majority, to present on an annual basis a sum of money to assist the Sea Cadet Corp, and in particular an individual unit.

After some discussion with Commodore Laurie Brokenshire at the Marine Society and Sea Cadet Corps Headquarters in London, we agreed that the monetary award would be made to the Sea Cadet Unit deemed by the Headquarters to have made the most significant improvement over the preceding 12 months.

Additionally, we agreed to present to the unit, this fine Cup, The TS Indefatigable Cup, Formally known to the Old Boys Association, as the ‘Navy League Challenge Swimming Trophy’.

So now to the highlight of the evening.

The Sea Cadet Unit, deemed by the Marine Society and Sea Cadet Corps Headquarters, to have made the most significant improvement over the preceding 12 months, is TS Enterprise, and it gives me great pleasure to present the TS Indefatigable Cup and a monetary award of £700 to TS Enterprise, for this outstanding achievement.

This is only the third time that the Cup has been awarded to the Sea Cadet Corps. The Cup now has been engraved with the Units name T.S. Enterprise 2008, alongside the other two winning Units (TS Rye 2006 & TS Pytchley 2007). As well as the Cup presentation and monetary award, we would like you to receive an inscribed IOBA Shield to keep and a few IOBA memorabilia items to remember us by, for the Unit and Cadets.

Colonel Bill O’Leary (IOBA Chairman) and Owen Sutton (IOBA Vice Chairman) regret very much that they are unable to attend tonight due to unforeseen commitments, but both pass on their regards.

Thank you and well done again.

Steve Humphries – IOBA Secretary.

On behalf of Colonel W J O’Leary TD.

Deputy Commander 145 (South) Brigade /

Chairman of the Indefatigable Old Boys Association (IOBA).”



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