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IOBA 2017 Reunion Presentations & Reunion Photos

Bill O'Leary 74_76 10 year 2006_2016 IOBA Chairmainship Presentation 2017e - Copy











Bill O’Leary 74/76

Newly promoted 08/01/2018: Major General WJ O’Leary QVRM TD DL VR.

IOBA Chairman’s Presentation:

Dear Andrew (IOBA Chairman),

Steve Humphries (IOBA Vice Chairman) on his return from the reunion weekend (10/June/2017) and passed to me the absolutely beautifully engraved lantern which you had commissioned for me.

I am overwhelmed by the generosity of the Association in doing this and thank you all most sincerely for this kind gesture.

It was a wonderful privilege being the Chairman for 10 years I know you will feel the same for at least the next decade!

I missed you all greatly this weekend, Anita will tell you I was like a lost soul recounting by the hour what you would be doing at each stage of the weekend.

I hear it was a great success, very well done to you all.

Again, a huge thank you for this wonderful presentation, it is greatly appreciated.

Yours ever

Major General WJ O’Leary QVRM TD DL VR


Secretarys Presentation












Steve Humphries 75/76.

IOBA Secretary’s Presentation:

Steve Humphries (IOBA Vice Chairman & Archives Secretary) was presented the above ‘In appreciation of His outstanding Service as Secretary of the Indefatigable Old Boys Association’ for 17 years.


IOBA Reunion 2017 Photos:

IOBA Reunion 2017 (27) IOBA Reunion 2017 (26) IOBA Reunion 2017 (25) IOBA Reunion 2017 (24) IOBA Reunion 2017 (23) IOBA Reunion 2017 (22) IOBA Reunion 2017 (21) IOBA Reunion 2017 (20) IOBA Reunion 2017 (19) IOBA Reunion 2017 (18) IOBA Reunion 2017 (17) IOBA Reunion 2017 (16) IOBA Reunion 2017 (15) IOBA Reunion 2017 (14) IOBA Reunion 2017 (13)  IOBA Reunion 2017 (10) IOBA Reunion 2017 (9) IOBA Reunion 2017 (8) IOBA Reunion 2017 (7) IOBA Reunion 2017 (6) IOBA Reunion 2017 (5) IOBA Reunion 2017 (4)  IOBA Reunion 2017 (1) Adam Meacham that's better than those bloody mackerels

 © 2017

150th Celebration VIDEO & STILL images


The Indefatigable 150th Celebration VIDEO

click on link above

Film footage from the weekend’s special celebrations in Anglesey.

Our sincere thanks goes to Tim Brunsden for making this film <>

Our sincere thanks goes to the Photographer Joe Pegler for taking the still images


Joe Pegler’s 150th images


Indefatigable 150th


Film footage from the weekend’s special celebrations in Anglesey.


Indefatigable Still Photos (2063 in total to date).

© Joseph Pegler All Moral Rights Reserved 2014

Indefatigable Old Boys Association (IOBA): Secretary & Archives


150th Prizes

Indefatigable 2014 reunion 

The Indefatigable old boys association 2014 reunion and 150th anniversary of TS Indefatigable celebration took place on 14th June.

Three specially designed and engraved pieces by Ian Parr 74/75 were offered as raffle prizes in the 2014 reunion draw.

You are invited to enter the 2015 draw without the need to attend the reunion by purchasing tickets without restriction of any amount, you may also wish to buy tickets for another member, this will be possible and will be treated in confidence.

2014 First prize (below): Won by Mac McNeil 1941/42

Comport engraved with 150 years of Indefatigable history

First Prize 2014

Click on the below link to see the progress;


2014 Second prize (below): Won by Simon Pegler 1978/80

Charger depicting the school at Llanfair pg

 150th Indefatigable anniversary prize draw, 2nd Prize

2014 Third prize (below): Won by Mark Chatham 1965/66

Charger celebrating 150 years

Third Prize 2014

Please note that the combined value of these three items once engraved and presented as prizes exceeded £500.00

buy your tickets here for the 2015 reunion


Total Raffle ticket sales RAISED for 2014:


Indefatigable Old Boys Association (IOBA): Secretary & Archives

IOBA Events of Interest.

 Please check back regularly for updates here, where you will see various activities of the IOBA.

All Old Boys and Staff are Cordially invited to the following Events.

April (20th) 2013 – Lord Mayor’s Charity Ball, Liverpool.

May (20th) 2013 – 2012 Indefatigable Cup presentation: IOBA’s seventh Sea Cadet Award, T.S. Blackcap (Unit SCC) – Birkenhead UK.

May (24 – 27th) 2013 – 70th Anniversary Battle of the Atlantic, Liverpool.

June (8th) 2013 – 10:30 IOBA 30th Annual Reunion School Visit & AGM, Llanfair PG (All Old Boys and Staff are Cordially invited).

June (8th) 2013 – 19:30 IOBA Reunion Evening Dinner, Carreg Mon Hotel, Llanfair PG (IOBA Membership is kindly required to attend the Reunion Evening Dinner). To pay for the 2013 reunion Lunch & Dinner: Please see ‘2013 Reunion payments’.

June (9th) 2013 – 09:00 Holy  Communion Service St Marys, Llanfair PG.

September (1st) 2013 – Merchant Navy Memorial Service  Liverpool.

TBA 2014  – Indefatigable 150th Anniversary Celebration.

 Please contact IOBA: Secretary if you would like more information on Events above, and any you would like add to.

By Steve Humphries 75/76.
Indefatigable Old Boys Association: Secretary & Archives. ©

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