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The IOBA can help our less fortunate members, so that they are able to attend future Reunions!!

In memory of, the above assistance will be now known as ‘The Robert Griffin Award’.

As some people will remember, Robert Griffin was an inspirational Petty Officer & Drum Major, let’s pause and think about a great guy and gave his life for the defence of his country, the best sprit of the Indefatigable, RIP school friend and Brave Royal Marine.

Robert sadly lost his life during the closing days of the Falklands War in 1982 (age 22).

One Award for 2018 was offered and accepted.


Guide on the parameters and criteria to be applied for 2019;

Applicant to be decided by the serving IOBA committee.

Maximum Award to be £300. Nominees will be asked to submit an approximate overall costing to justify.

To include; UK Travel expenses / Accommodation / Reunion Dinner & Bar.


The Committee have set the following guidelines;
1) £300 max.
2) Must be a fully paid up member of the IOBA.
3) Not previously been to an AGM under the terms of this proposal.
4) Committee to decide on the IOBA Member to attend (along with a second choice in case the offer is declined).
5) Less Fortunate Members Representative to coordinate.

The IOBA can help members, but I must stress at this point, your ‘application will be decided by the serving IOBA committee’.


If you would like to take up the offer, please write/email to:

THE ROBERT GRIFFIN AWARD Representative: Martyn Hunt 82/85

3, Ironside Walk, Burslem, Stoke on Trent. Staffs.  ST6 4AA

M: 07881 741440



If you would like to make a donation, large or small, to the IOBA, you can do so via PayPal below… , thank you.

Donate to the IOBA


© 2019

36th Reunion: Brunch & Dinner Payments 2019

36th Reunion: Brunch & Dinner Payments – Saturday 8th June 2019.

Dinner will follow (3 Course including Hot Carvery or Vegetarian Option – Officers Mess Style) in the Old School – JSMTC Indefatigable 18:00 for 19:00 – 23:30.  For the Reunion Dinner, there are only 80 sittings for dinner.

Please note the final cut off date will be Sunday 26th MAY 2019, not a day later. 

NB: This webpage will be taken off-line from 22:00 May 26th.

Email: <> for more information.

2019 Brunch & Dinner Payments by Cheque;

£40.00 = Brunch & Dinner.
£30.00 = Dinner only (Officers Mess Style).
£12.00 = Brunch only (Bacon buttes/Continental).

Cheques made payable to the ‘Indefatigable OBA’ send to;

Tom Keyes.
IOBA Treasurer & Membership.
4 Edison Drive,
Upton Grange,
NN5 4AB.

Or you can pay instantly online via PayPal;

2019 Brunch & Dinner Payments below includes a 5% ‘PayPal’ fee;

£42.00 = Brunch & Dinner (PayPal fee included per transaction).

£31.50 = Dinner only (PayPal fee included per transaction).

£12.75 = Brunch only (PayPal fee included per transaction).

Descriptions to be entered = Enter Balance to Pay: GBP (£) / Name  / Indefatigable Year’s / Number of Bookings.

Don’t include the ‘£’ sign on entering balance, you can book as many as you wish, BUT there are only 80 sittings for dinner;

ie. Name / Year’s / x1 Brunch only.

ie. Name / Year’s / x1 Dinner only.

ie. Name / Year’s /  x1 Brunch & Dinner.

Enter Balance to Pay (£)

Enter your name


Agenda for the WEEKEND;

Friday NIGHT 7th June – Saturday early A.M(!). – Vibrant Shirt Night: In memory of the late ‘Spencer Bell 1958 – past IOBA Chairman’ at the Carreg Bran Hotel (01248 511 577), all in aid of Prostate Cancer.

Saturday DAY 8th June – Reunion Day 08:00 – 08:30 meet at Carreg Bran Hotel (Tel: 01248 511 577) for initial check-in, down at JSMTC Indefatigable 09:00 – 16:00.

Saturday NIGHT 8th June until 23:59 –  Annual IOBA Members Reunion Dinner at the Old School – JSMTC Indefatigable 18:30 for 19:30 seated.


Prawn Cocktail Or selection of Melon and coulis.

Roasted Gammon with peach – Or Turkey with Cranberry stuffing and sausage wrapped in bacon – Or Topside of Beef with Yorkshire pudding, horseradish and mustard – Or Veg option Salmon Steak. Roasted and Savoury Potatoes, Roasted Vegetables, Cauliflower Au Gratin, Sauté Cabbage and Leeks, Jus Lie.

Lemon Mallow Pie – Or Black Forest Gateaux – Or Apple Pie & Cream.

Selection of Cheese and Biscuits.

After dinner mints & Coffee.

One tot of Port included.

Bring your own Wine TBC.

Prizes for the raffle are very much appreciated.

Fund raising RAFFLE TICKETS will be SOLD BEFORE DINNER (not during dinner) on the day.

Indefatigable Old Boys Association (IOBA)

IOBA QR Code on trial


IOBA QR Code to scan.

If this works, then the code will be placed / printed for others to be in-touch.


Indefatigable Old Boys Association (IOBA)

MN Medal awarded to Capt.Joe Earl M.N.M (Indefatigable 1956/57)

Capt.J.S.Earl M.N.M

Long over due, The IOBA is recognising the Merchant Navy Medal for Meritorious Service awarded to Captain Joe Earl M.N.M (Indefatigable 1956/57).

Awarded in 2009 – Capt. Joe receives the ‘Merchant Navy Medal for Meritorious Service’ from the former First Sea Lord Admiral Sir Alan West, GCB, DSC, PC.

The Merchant Navy Medal <2016

The original Medal was rhodium-plated cupro-nickel and rounded in shape. On its obverse side was a profile portrait of Admiral Lord Nelson inscribed with THE MERCHANT NAVY MEDAL around the top and 1805 TRAFALGAR 2005 around the bottom. The reverse face features the Merchant Navy logo and the inscription reads FOR MERITORIOUS SERVICE.

The ribbon, bordered in gold, was vertical striped red, white and green to represent the traditional colours of the Merchant Navy (which depict the port, masthead and starboard navigation lights of a ship). The name of the recipient was inscribed along the outer edge. Miniatures were also available to recipients. Those medals awarded for courage afloat had, in addition, a small silver anchor attached to the ribbon. This medal was superseded by a State Award: the Merchant Navy Medal for Meritorious Service in 2016.

The Merchant Navy Medal Recipients 2009

To celebrate meritorious service and acts of courage afloat by British merchant seafarers and members of the UK fishing fleets.  Announced Trafalgar Day October 21st, 2009 – Investiture 30th November 2009: Capt. J.S. Earl for services to merchant shipping and to the Bristol Branch of the Merchant Navy Association.

A proud man, wearing his ‘Indefatigable Ships Crest’ on behalf of us!

Wikipedia link to: Merchant Navy Medal for Meritorious Service

The Merchant Navy Medal for Meritorious Service is a state award in the within the British honours system. The medal is awarded to no more than 20 recipients annually with the awards being announced on Merchant Navy Day, 3 September. The medal was originally awarded by the Merchant Navy Welfare Board 2005-2015 before being superseded by the state award.

Please take time out to click and read Capt. Joe’s Web Pages of MEMOIRS & VERSE;




Indefatigable Old Boys Association (IOBA)

© 2018

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